Shiatsu is a form of natural therapy that originated within the oldest healing method known to humanity – Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a method of restoring and maintaining health by adjusting and balancing the body’s primary communication system – the energy system. This energy system directs all of our growth, body functions and activities as well as our awareness from the time of conception throughout our lives.

Shiatsu massage stands out as one of the most practical, simple, yet effective methods of massage. The treatment takes place on a futon on the floor and the recipient will remain fully clothed during the session. For greatest flexibility and comfort the recipient is advised to wear loose, cotton clothing.

Shiatsu, traditionally translated, means finger and thumb pressure. The practitioner uses palms, thumbs, forearms, elbows or feet to apply pressure, as well as a combination of pounding, stretching, rocking and manipulation techniques. Physically this has the effect of stimulating the circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluids, working on both divisions of the autonomic nervous system, helping to release toxins and deep seated tension from the muscles and stimulating the hormone system.

After a Shiatsu treatment the recipient may feel calm, more balanced, relaxed and have a general feeling of well-being.