Rubenfeld Synergy

Rubenfeld Synergy is a method of body oriented psychotherapy that combines verbal therapy with a range of other techniques including gentle touch, body awareness, movement, breathwork, imagery and humour.

These techniques enable you to resolve personal, physical and emotional issues and begin to self heal.This method opens the gateway to positive conscious choices about how you live – with yourself, your family, and in the world.

Rubenfeld Synergy is a therapeutic approach based on the philosophy that body, mind, emotions and spirit are all part of a dynamic integrated whole.

When one of these systems is affected, the others are too. It embraces the idea that we all have innate wisdom and we know what is right for ourselves, and have a capacity for self healing.

Through your body you can contact old feelings and beliefs that exert strong, but unconscious influence over you in the present.

In the safety of the Rubenfeld Synergy session you can bring these feelings and beliefs into a conscious awareness, discover their origins, experience them from a new perspective, and choose to alter them


Dr. Laura Hope Steckler

£75 per hour

£80 for initial appointment