Clinical Hypnotherapy enables you to create fast, effective and positive changes in your life and allows you to let go of unwanted patterns of behaviours such as smoking or overeating in a totally safe and natural way. Hypnotherapy helps you to feel empowered and able to live the life you want and be the person you want to be. The experience of Hypnotherapy is an extremely pleasant feeling of relaxation and a heightened state of inner awareness, like guided daydreaming. This can feel a little like being half asleep and half awake as you can hear and understand exactly what is being said, and are aware of what is happening around you. While in this calm, peaceful state you will be gently guided to focus your attention on positive visualisations and become able to access your inner resources, strength and wisdom which enables you to create new behaviours and ways of thinking so that you can find new, creative solutions to your problems. Hypnotherapy allows you to change your limiting beliefs and enables you to become open to a whole new world of possibilities.


Nancy Williams-Foley

£50 – £70 for 50 mins

Concession available