Healing Therapy

Healing Therapy is a blend of psychotherapy and spiritual healing. During each session, the therapeutic dialogue is followed by a healing, which lasts around 10 minutes. No physical touch is involved, and no religious or spiritual faith is needed to benefit from the healing.

Healing is a powerful path to facilitating foundational change and evolution – both within ourselves, and externally in all areas of our life.

Working with this paradigm, we recognise every piece of our life – even our suffering – as being of value and containing the potential for many precious life-enhancing gifts such as love, connectedness, creativity, joy, wisdom and a sense of meaning and purpose.

By relating to ourself and our difficulty in this new inclusive way, we grow in fundamental ways and our lives move forward and change.

Whether our suffering is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, each session creates space for a deepening of awareness so that the roots of our difficulty can emerge for transformation. Profound inner shifts can occur, leading to organic change in our external circumstances, beyond what we could have imagined to be possible.

Healing can feel particularly nourishing and meaningful for those who would like more support than therapy alone. It can also be a good fit for people with a philosophical or spiritual bent of mind.


Sharadha Bain

£60 for 50 mins
Concessions available