Body Orientated Psychotherapy

Body-oriented Psychotherapy is used to address a wide variety of physical and emotional concerns. Sessions are conducted fully clothed lying on a padded table, sitting or standing. The gentle touch applied is based on the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais method. Awareness of the body’s energy system is used to help release tension and shift deep holding patterns thus allowing the body to find a new and healthier balance.

Simultaneously therapeutic dialogue is used to unearth memories and emotions stored in the body so they can be cleared, The method is respectful and effectively incorporates humour and visualisation.

Working with this alchemical combination of body work and psychotherapy has an impact both on the psychological / emotional functioning as well as physical functioning.

The energy work, deep relaxation and visualisation can have a positive impact on the immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

The use of touch helps to access deeper brain structures than traditional talk therapy, thus contributing to the unique effectiveness of this method.