Sheena McLachlan

MInstGA UKCP Registered

As an individual and group psychotherapist I am particularly interested in how we connect and relate to one another and how the inner world links to the outer world. What happens in the outside world, whether at home, at work or in our friendships is intrinsically connected to what is going on in our internal world, but we are largely unaware of the processes that drive us.

I see therapy as an opportunity to explore and make sense of some of the ways in which we are stuck or limited by inner dynamics we are unaware of. No matter how often we decide to do things differently or to form a close personal relationship that will be successful this time, somehow things remain the same – no amount of “willpower” can overcome an unconscious dynamic that is unhelpful. We may be aware of feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety or anger and frustration and a sense that all is not well but not know how to make changes that endure.

In therapy, through the relationship with a listening, thinking other person (the therapist), there is the chance to gain insight, to make sense of what is ailing us and to find meaning in apparently unconnected events or activities, whether now or in the past. The therapeutic process offers the possibility of a richer, more satisfying experience of life; when difficult things happen we are resilient, more able to cope and to use the experience for further growth.

Training: 1988- 1991 Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Training Service

2000-2008 Group Analysis

Institute of Group Analysis

Member of the Institute of Group Analysis

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Psychodynamic Counselling

£45-£55 for 50 mins

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