Ruth Forbes

CQSW, Diploma in Advanced Social Work
Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling, MSc., MBACP Registered

My professional career started in social work and I worked in a variety of settings over a number of years, including adult psychiatry. I undertook additional training in psychodynamic counselling at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations between 1997 and 1999 and since then have worked in both counselling and in social work education. I believe that engagement in the process and activity of counselling can develop, inform and liberate the individual, enhance their immediate relationships and lifestyle and ultimately make a constructive impact upon the wider society.

The psychodynamic perspective has always attracted me and despite its apparent complexities has always been a useful model to guide my practice and understanding. I believe that the past impacts upon our present and that our innate motivation to avoid anxiety is a reassuringly universal feature of the human condition. The exploration of our parallel conscious and unconscious lives offers a fascinating vehicle for enhanced self understanding.

The shared experience of the psychodynamic interview allows counsellor and client to explore the repeating patterns manifest in the individual’s external life and to uncover the original source of presenting problems. Such exploration helps to make the unconscious conscious, and assists the individual to move constructively forward in order to make significant changes in their lived reality and to create an increased sense of inner well being. The safe space created within the therapeutic relationship, along with the experience of being attentively listened to, understood and supported are the core elements which constitute the unique experience of

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Psychodynamic Counselling

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