Nancy Williams-Foley

Psychology BSc : Hull University
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy : Northern College of Clinical Hypnotherapy

I began my career in Complementary Therapies in 1991 when I studied Aromatherapy and Holistic Body Massage. This interest evolved and I went on to study a number of different therapeutic interventions. During my time with patients I frequently observed that the physical and psychological aspects of a person are intrinsically linked and interdependent, for example I witnessed the powerful healing that occurred when people were able to experience therapeutic touch during a reflexology treatment for pain, while also feeling that they were in a safe space and given the time to explore and process emotional issues. I witnessed the powerful healing that occurred through helping people to acknowledge and give value to their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This experience led to an interest in understanding further the interaction between physical health and psychological wellbeing and I went on to study a diploma in counselling skills with the Central School of Counselling and Therapy and a degree in Psychology, while also working in mental health for some charitable organisations. I had the opportunity to pursue my interest in physical and mental health and Complementary Therapies while working for the NHS Psychological Wellbeing Service as a Complementary Therapist. During my time in this post I also studied Acupuncture and developed my practice to include an effective combination of treatments, for example combining Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture to manage anxiety. I developed a blend of techniques to successfully manage a broad range of conditions such as anxiety and depression, stress control, low self esteem, bereavement, pain management, sleep disturbance, women’s health and hormonal imbalance, fertility, eating disorders and weight management, digestive imbalance, a weak immune system and adrenal fatigue.

My primary aim is to offer a truly holistic practice that considers the unique physical and emotional needs of each person.

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£50 – £70 for 50 mins

Concession available


£50 – £70 for 50 mins

Concession available