Alison Suggett

Person Centred Therapist and Counsellor
BA Hons. & Diploma in Person Centred Therapy
Certificate in Person Centred Supervision

I am a counsellor offering the Person-centred approach to therapy. I currently live in East Lothian. I originally studied Philosophy and French at Sheffield University before living in places such as the France, USA and New Zealand. I did my Diploma in Counselling in Glasgow in 1992 and have been working as a counsellor in Scotland ever since.

Person-centred counselling has its origins in the pioneering work in the 1930s and 1940s of Dr. Carl Rogers, the American psychologist and therapist. The revolutionary central truth for Rogers was that the client knows best how to help him/herself, but needs a facilitative psychological climate in order to realise this.

‘It is as though he listened

And such listening as his enfolds us in a silence

In which at last we begin to hear

What we are meant to be.’

– Lao-tse

The distinctive feature about the person-centred approach is that the relationship between client and counsellor is paramount. My role is to provide the necessary therapeutic conditions in which self awareness and change can happen. Each relationship is unique and is geared towards a productive outcome.

Different to other forms of therapy the person-centred approach is non directive and client led. People have within themselves vast resources for self-understanding and for altering their life patterns.

I have had over twenty years of experience of providing the necessary relational therapeutic environment – I have worked in private practices, the NHS (General Practice), and the University Counselling Service. I endeavour to make our encounter warm, safe, caring and of course confidential.

Situations in which I might be able to help include – life crisis, relationship difficulties (including problems with partners, parents, children), work difficulties, emotional and social distress including anxiety and depression, life transitions, grief, bereavement and loss.

In a fast moving, impatient world a quiet, calm place just for you might provide the healing place you need.

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Rogerian/Person-Centred Therapy

£50-£45 for 50 mins