Akhila Kuprat

B.A Oxon English Literature
M.A Core Process Psychotherapy
registered with UKCP

The intention of Core Process Psychotherapy is to support you to discover how you relate to your experience. The process of discovery can help you to develop the mindfulness and resources to withstand the winds of change, and to embody much more of your innate wellbeing.

It is a depth therapy that draws on and combines the wisdom and compassion of Buddhist teachings with western approaches to psychotherapy.

A fundamental principle of this therapeutic approach is that awareness is curative. Cultivating awareness, or the inner witness, helps us to see our patterns and this creates more internal space to be with our experiences as they are. The attachment and identification with limiting or harmful patterns can then begin to soften and fall away and we can integrate and realize much more of who we truly are.

The safe and dynamic space of the therapeutic relationship allows you to explore experiences that may not get a hearing in daily life, or may be too difficult to face or share without support.

I am Anglo-German and have a particular interest in the transformative power of language as a skilful means for supporting embodiment, articulating and transforming process, and mapping consciousness.

How to embody truth and bring compassion to the healing of traumatic wounding to the soul are the questions at the heart of my inquiry into the healing process.

I am a student of Authentic Movement, and draw on movement, dance and writing to support my spiritual journey, and the life practice of learning to be present.

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Core Process Psychotherapy

£50 for 1 hour

Initial meeting free of charge