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Theo Dijkman

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Psychosynthesis can be described as a psychology of hope which emphasises that we all have potential and strive to live our lives to the fullest. It acknowledges our need for meaning and purpose, and recognises how all of us endeavour to connect to joy, beauty and love. Yet it does not deny the suffering and pain we can experience because of our past, our history or our unease with who we are. While directing us towards our possibilities it also recognises our shadow side such as our anger, fear, jealousy and inadequacy.

In addition psychosynthesis includes all of our different parts; our sense of our body, the feelings we experience, the thoughts we have. It includes how we relate to our sexuality and what it means to be a man or a woman. It also acknowledges our need for spirituality in our lives. This could be a need for a formal spiritual practice or it could be our sense of connection with nature, art, community and such deep experiences as harmony, confidence and love.

As a psychology of hope, the approach of psychosynthesis helps us to bring together all these various parts of ourselves, the struggles that we could have with these and to become more than who we are.