What is McTimoney-Corley Chiropractic?

The Oxford College of Chiropractic (formerly the Witney School of Chiropractic) was founded by Hugh Corley BA DC FBAAC, in order to pass on his great knowledge to future generations of Chiropractors and patients.

He himself qualified under the late John McTimoney DC, from whose teaching he has developed the techniques known as the McTimoney-Corley method.

The basic principle of Chiropractic is to promote health by relieving pressure on the nerves and blood vessels which supply the areas of the body affected by pain or illness.

McTimoney-Corley Chiropractors achieve this by gently and individually realigning the bones which are interfering with the proper functioning of their neighbouring soft tissues.

Although Chiropractic does involve manipulation of the bones, there is a minimum of intervention with this treatment. The Chiropractor will work methodically to realign each bone facilitating the patient’s own healing capacities.

She will focus her work primarily on the spine and the pelvis, softly articulating the joints using small, quick movements of her hands and fingers.

Following the examination and treatment, careful consideration is then given to the ways in which the trouble may have originated. It may then be possible to offer the patient practical advice on how to avoid a recurrence of the problem, or to suggest exercises to prolong the effect of the treatment.


Shian Corley

First appointment:

£55 for 1 hour


£50 for 50 mins