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The Information Service

At the core of The Whole Works is the ‘Info Service’ and the longer ‘Assessment Consultation’. Over 8,000 people have used these informal services since we opened in 1991 and we continue to see approximately five or six new clients a week. These sessions have proved useful, if not invaluable, for clients needing to address issues affecting their mental health or physical health but preferring to put their ‘toe in the water’ first before deciding on the next step.

There is no obligation on the clients who have come for the session to take it any further if they do not wish to. The decision to follow through with a therapy is left entirely with the client to think about before any appointment is made.

The sessions can have several outcomes, but they are essentially for the benefit of you, the client, to find out what you want before making a decision to begin therapy.

The therapist will ask you about yourself and get a sense of what is happening in your life, making some assessment of what could be most beneficial to help you. The sessions can also simply be an opportunity for you to have some of your questions about the therapeutic process answered, so you, as a new client, can get clarity as to what choices are available to you. Often the sessions can throw some light on what issues to prioritise if you feel overwhelmed with many feelings and concerns all going on at once. The experienced therapist can help you see a way clear. These shorter “info service” sessions are allocated about 20 minutes and we ask for a £5 donation for this.

For prospective counselling or psychotherapy clients it is suggested they choose the longer session to fully discuss their issues and look at all the factors possibly affecting them. This is particularly the case when depressive and anxiety symptoms are prevailing. Clients are charged on a sliding scale of £20-£40 (depending on income) for this Assessment Session appointment. Appointments last one hour.

Both services are offered by several therapists who have the most experience and the widest knowledge of the different therapeutic approaches.

staff at the Whole Works

Where clients are unable to afford the services of a Whole Works counselor or psychotherapist, we maintain an up to date list of all counselling services in Edinburgh that may be accessed for a reduced fee. Please ask your information session therapist for the Counselling Agencies List.

Please do feel free to discuss which length of session is best for you with the receptionist at The Whole Works.